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So let start,
What is conscience?
Conscience is man’s practical reason telling him that a particular act is good or bad.
It is not a question of just “feeling” that a particular act like stealing is bad. It is a function of the intellect that examines an act under various aspects, including the moral aspects and authoritatively guides the human being about the motility of the act.  
According to me conscience is:
An act of thurthfulness 
An act of stealing 
An act of cowardice.
Practical reason or conscience 
Man has both material nature is common with animals and a spiritual nature akin to that of God.
Man reaches the fullness of his potentialities and achieves his destiny as he develops both his material and spiritual well- being. Spiritual development is impossible without man’s observance of the moral law. This moral law is applied in the circumstances of human life by ‘pactical reason’ or ‘conscience’.
Now- a- days we won’t listen to our conscience but we see the people in our society or around us and react how they comfortable with us
Being truthful person is not wrong it shows out honesty towards people and confident and no doubt about yourself or shy feel about you towards yourself.
Kindness of conscience- true and false conscience:
A true conscience is one whose judgement is accurate and objectives.without being swayed or prejudice by anything like ignorance or fear it decides honestly which act is praiseworthy and which is immoral 
There are people who have a false conscience but they are hardly guilty of it because they have not had a chance to reflect on the act, consult about it or they have had an upbringing that has prejudice their ability to think straight, hence, their moral decisions are inaccurate such people would be said to have an erroneous conscience. They are excused, as far as moral guilt is concerned.
Your conscience is the guide the guide that tells you wrong from right it keeps a check on you and helps you through the life.
A doubtful conscience 
A doubtful conscience is one which suspends judgement on the morality of an action, or if it does decide, it remains in fear of having erred. A doubt can be theoretical or practical.
A theoretical doubt is the one that the mind has, as to whether any law exists about the matter debated.
A practical doubt is the one that concerns facts. One is unable to arrive at a firm, assured conclusion without any doubts. If one has a theoretical doubt, it is obvious that a person should make a reasonably diligent effort to discover and understand the law. 
We will see this in our school if someone tells show paper in exam hall students will help each other helping is not wrong but in wrong way if you helping it is wrong if you cheat a teacher that means you cheats yourself and to your own God who have given wisdom to write in paper if you get in this situation please listen to your conscience tell no whether she/ he is your friend or classmates   show your honesty towards your teacher and God. Wantedly don’t cheat anyone
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